Watch What Happens When a Democratic Voter Meets Trump for the First Time

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, both Democrats and Republicans have come together as Americans in order to help the victims of the horrific storm. One person who was not absent in the aftermath of the storm was non other than President Donald Trump himself. On Saturday, President Trump made not his first, but second visit to Texas and headed straight to the areas that saw such extreme devastation due to Hurricane Harvey. He took the time to meet with the residents who have been misplaced from their homes and their lives, and gave them a new sense of hope.

President Trump’s visit was lengthy as he took time to visit with hurricane evacuees. He showed them comfort and helped to pass out supplies to everyone who was in need of it. His role of commander in chief was put to the test after such a devastating natural disaster, and he really stepped up to the plate. Even those victims who didn’t support President Trump politically appreciated everything he did for them during their time of need.

One Houston woman met with President Trump during his time in Texas, and you won’t believe what she had to say about him. The short visit changed everything she thought she knew and felt about our President. 

She stated during an interview, “I had a different opinion of him, and now I think that he’s a wonderful man.”

This will be remembered as the first time President Trump really had to tour a location that was facing complete devastation. It was his first time really having to meet with Americans who are going through some of the most horrific times in their lives. He made us all very proud as he showed all of his support and care for our fellow Americans.

It’s safe to say that there are a lot of Texans who are thinking differently of Trump than they previously did. Many people form their opinion of political leaders based on what they read and hear in the news, because that is their only basis to form an opinion on. Now that so many people have had the chance to come face to face with our commander in chief they can stand tall and be proud to call him our leader. Meeting Trump has changed the opinions of so many.

President Trump was seen comforting children and sharing laughs with hurricane victims, and it was clear that he did his best to cheer them up. He helped dole out supplies, doing everything he could for these people. He even donated $1 million to relief efforts. A disaster like this allows the true colors of a president to come through, and President Trump’s true colors were bright and shining.

Although Donald Trump won Texas by a landslide in the 2016 Presidential Election, there are always some Democrats in every red state. Many of them changed their opinions after seeing what a stand up guy he is. He was surrounded by people who support him while he showed his support for them.

An evacuee named Joe Boyd got his lunch handed to him by President Trump himself, and his wife wasn’t shy about explaining how happy he was.

“If he died & went to heaven today, we got to see President Trump,” she explained.

It’s been horrific to watch the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, but inspiring to see how President Trump has responded to the disaster. He has proved to be much different from previous leaders, making sure that he was on top of the situation right from the start. He wanted to ensure that this hurricane would not show anywhere near the damage or loss of life that we saw during Hurricane Katrina.

Now President Trump has passed the ball to Congress. His request for extra funds to aid Texas and Louisiana in their repair efforts is simply waiting for Congress’ approval. 

Let’s keep hoping that Congress will get their sh*t together in time to help these innocent victims. God bless America and God bless Trump.