A Total of 32 Looters Arrested in Florida After Hurricane Irma, Let’s Make Them Famous!

The Left has been using natural disasters as an excuse to bash President Trump… and it literally makes zero sense. There have been claims that Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey hit red states due to “karma.” Just when we though Liberals couldn’t get any stupider they’ve proved us wrong. Now, looters have made their appearance breaking into businesses and private residences during the storms to steal what they like to call “necessities.” Yeah, Nike shoes are definitely necessities. These horrific tragedies should be a time in which we all come together and unite to help one another as Americans, but some people see it as an opportunity to take advantage of those who have become victim to these storms.

As of right now, at least 32 looters have been arrested in Florida, and I’m sure after video footage is viewed that number will rise. 

Daily Mail wrote:

At least 32 people have been arrested across Florida for trying to loot empty businesses and homes that have been evacuated in preparation for Hurricane Irma – 28 alone in Miami, according to local authorities.

Two people burst into an Orlando sporting store and allegedly stole guns, before facing off with SWAT in a standoff.

Shocking videos also emerged of gangs trying to break into stores and take advantage of deserted properties.

Police were called to the scene after witnesses reported a burglary at Academy Sports near the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, WESH reported.

The sad truth is that on the contrary to what many people are saying, these looters do know right from wrong, and they still chose to do the wrong thing. Luckily, we can thank Florida Police for working through the hurricane in order to protect business and private residences alike. These guys deserve their faces plastered all over the news for the crap they pulled, and that’s exactly what they’re going to get. Spread this story to make sure everyone know what these scumbags did!