After Puerto Rico’s Mayor Slams Trump, Look What Just Came Out About Her …

Sadly, it seems that liberal America has been blinded by the statements of San Juan, Puerto Rico’s mayor. While the reaction of the Governor of Puerto Rico was much more supportive and thankful towards President Donald Trump, the Mayor of San Juan had something very different to say, and the Left is choosing to listen only to the negative comments and disregard the positive.

Although the mainstream liberal media likes to push the narrative that President Trump has done nothing for Puerto Rico, quite the contrary is true. The Governor of Puerto Rico has been extremely vocal about how grateful he (along with the rest of the U.S. territory) has been for President Trump and his administration’s quick response.

The Governor of Puerto Rico appeared on PBS last week and stated:

“First of all, we are very grateful for the administration. They have responded quickly. The president has been very attentive to the situation, personally calling me several times. FEMA and the FEMA director have been here in Puerto Rico twice. As a matter of fact, they were here with us today, making sure that all the resources in FEMA were working in conjunction with the central government. We have been working together. We have been getting results. The magnitude of this catastrophe is enormous. This is going to take a lot of help, a lot of collaboration. So, my call is to congressmen and congresswomen to take action quickly and conclusively with an aid package for Puerto Rico.”

The mayor of the capital of Puerto Rico has had a much more negative response. San Juan’s mayor has been forcing the mainstream liberal media narrative that President Trump and his administration are doing nothing for them. A speech in which she begged anyone to listen to save the people of San Juan from dying went viral. You can watch the video below:

President Trump took it upon himself to personally respond. And, of course, he had the facts on his side.

The mayor of San Juan has a particular reason to listen to the mainstream media and push their ridiculous narrative… she is a radical leftist herself. She actually has been known to support left-wing terrorists.

Since 2012, the mayor of San Juan has shown support for a convicted terrorist named Oscar Lopez Rivera on 49 different accounts. Rivera was a known member of the FALN. This group worked to make Puerto Rico an independent communist state. He, along with this terrorist group, was responsible for more than 100 bombings in New York, Chicago, and even more American cities. He has been incarcerated since 1981. Former President Barack Obama gave him a parson towards the end of his term… surprise, surprise.

The mayor of San Juan actually posted a tribute to Rivera in 2016, calling him a “great friend and a great patriot.”

That’s not the only post she’s made supporting Lopez, either.

Another important detail having to do with just why she is pushing the narrative that President Trump hasn’t been doing squat to help… she supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election. She has never been supportive of President Trump.

Her tweet pictured above translates directly to “I have had my differences with her and I submit them, but I can’t deny that she is ready and that Trump does not deserve to be Pres.”

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why she’s pushing the liberal narrative and bashing President Trump. In reality, President Trump and his administration have been doing everything they can in order to help the people of Puerto Rico recover from such tragedy. Don’t let these leftists get away with spewing lies about Trump. It’s time to fight back against the blatant lies.