NFL Quarterback Puts Anthem Protesters to Shame With Shocking Statement About His Own Life

The NFL has become a cesspool for self-entitled and spoiled rotten athletes who have no respect for our country and all it has provided them with. They don’t seem to understand that standing for the National Anthem is an honor that Americans have which allows us to show our country just how much we appreciate the freedoms we have here. With all of the recent protests against the National Anthem by NFL players it is always refreshing when one of them stands up against the rest in order to prove just how lucky we are to be Americans. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz recently did just that when he made a statement about his own life that would serve to put all NFL National Anthem protesters to shame.

CSNPhilly recently interviewed Wentz, and during the interview he explained that the most important thing in his life is his Christian faith. He made a point to let everyone know that he isn’t embarrassed or ashamed to honor his faith in every aspect of his life.

In a world of athletes who spend their spare time in strip clubs and nights out partying it’s great to see a talented young man spending his time and efforts with something that will brighten his future. Wentz is an inspiration to us all. It’s not often that we see a successful young football player with his head on straight.

He went on to say, “but I’m not going to force it down your throat, either. So it’s definitely a fine line that I’m constantly trying to walk, and at the end of the day, just kind of how I live and what I’m about and hopefully can kind of speak through. If that makes sense.”

He stated, “I never want to be the guy who’s beating people over the head with the Bible. That’s not what I’m about. That’s not really what Christianity is about. Christianity is all about love and showing that love and that kindness and that grace.”

I’m sure I can speak for the many Americans who have been taken aback by the disgusting trend of National Anthem protests in the NFL when I say that it’s very refreshing to see a football player stand up for his faith and for his country.

Wentz also stated, “without a doubt, I want to use my platform to make a difference (in) peoples’ lives.”

Something Wentz did to make a real difference took place last year when he launched his AO1 Foundation. His mission statement is to “demonstrate the love of God by providing opportunities and support for the less fortunate and those in need.”

It really is great to see one of these wealthy athletes using their money to help others rather than just parading around telling other people what they should be doing with their money to help others. Wentz is truly set on making a difference in our world, and with his platform he has the opportunity to do so.

He explained, “it’s something I’m very passionate about. I realize I have a platform for more than just winning football games. I want to make a difference all over the country, all over the world.”

I’m proud to see an American football player standing up for his Christian faith and spreading the word of God, but more importantly working to help others whenever possible. He is honoring our country, and truly displays the qualities of an American patriot.