Myth That A Obama Was a “Law Professor” Just Got Destroyed

No one should be surprised by the news that former President Barack Obama isn’t everything he promised to be during his time in office. He certainly isn’t the “law professor” that he claimed to be. The entire background behind Barack Obama’s past is full of lies.

The American Thinker broke it down. The first lie is that Obama was a “professor.” He was actually a lecturer. He didn’t have the basic qualifications to become a professor. Obama didn’t publish a single law paper in his career. The University of Chicago hired him when they were provided with the information that he had been granted a book contract on race and law upon his graduation from Harvard. The book never existed, just the contract. He later reneged on it. The average University of Chicago professor, or even a lecturer, usually has a much higher level of accomplishment.

Obama couldn’t write if his life depended on it. After failing to deliver a book, he changed the entire thing to a memoir… but he had trouble with that as well. It is known that he requested that Bill Ayers write his memoir for him using tapes that Michelle Obama had delivered to Ayers. 

The second big lie about Obama is that he “specialized” in the Constitution. This is entirely untrue. Obama only seemed to be interested and only taught about one subject, which should come as no surprise… it was race. There was one singular course about race in the Constitution. He uses this one course to boast that he is a “constitutional scholar.” The New York Times even stated that Obama taught three subject, “race, rights, and gender.”

The third lie is that Obama is a “constitutional law professor,” who honors the constitution. Obama is ON RECORD bashing the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the Constitution because they “never tried to invent a right to redistribute wealth.” Obama was recorded on a radio interview during the time he was a lecturer stating this. He described it as a “tragedy of the civil rights movement.” He dwells on the limitations on government power that are imposed by the Constitution.

The American Thinker wrote:

Obama himself contrasts following the Constitution with being a community organizer, creating “coalitions of power,” which could “redistribute wealth” and create “economic justice.”

Most Leftists seem to have problems when it comes to telling the truth. They seem to work very hard at making themselves feel more important than they actually are, even if this means changing their titles without doing the work to obtain such titles.

So, we were right all along. Obama loved to claim that he knew everything about the Constitution, calling himself a “scholar,” when in reality he didn’t care about the Constitution from the git go.