Looting Punks Take To Streets During Hurricane… Then Get Exactly What They Deserve [Video]

When tragedy strikes we usually see the best in humanity. When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston a couple of weeks ago, we saw Americans ban together to help aide those affected by the storm. Things were different when Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida. Over the last couple of days, looters took full advantage of evacuees and businesses that closed during the enormous storm. Floridians from the Keys all the way to the Northernmost point of the state took the storm extremely seriously, and some 7 million people were forced to evacuate. What we saw during the storm was nothing short of a true disappointment in America.

Looters are the worst of the worst. These people are truly the scum of the earth. They use these life-threatening storms to take advantage of those affected. In many places around the country, law enforcement has been pushing to create harsher sentences for the a**holes who decide to loot during a tragedy. Unluckily for the idiots that went out during Hurricane Irma to loot, they were caught on video and police were quick to act.

 And there is good news from Florida. Law enforcement officers of Florida have already found those guilty of looting during the storm, and they have since been arrested. Millions of people that had to leave their homes and belongings behind are thrilled that police acted so quickly. These people have no way back in at this time, as many county lines are closed as authorities assess the damage from the colossal storm.

Police released a statement that stated, “we want everyone to be safe during the hurricane. And we will not tolerate thieves taking advantage of those evacuating their homes. Looters need to be prepared to go to jail if they try to take advantage of people during a state of emergency.”

You can see a video below of these idiots who broke into a shoe store during the chaos before Irma hit.

It’s sad, but the reality is that these people literally have no concept of right and wrong. They truly deserve every bit of punishment they get. Taking advantage of others during a time of crisis is completely unacceptable, and it’s great to see law enforcement taking looting seriously. How can any decent human being steal from someone during their time of need?

Law enforcement officers have stepped up to the plate, and they have vowed that they would do everything possible to catch those responsible for looting. Officers are stationed all over the state, patrolling for potential looters. They are ready to take action if needed. We cannot stress enough how wrong looting is. Police officers will be working around the clock to stop potential looters while Floridians make their way back to their homes. Let’s hope these scumbags realize what they’re in for when they decide to steal from fellow Americans.