Did You Know This Golden Girl Served Our Country as One of the First Female Marines

We’re all familiar with the famous show, The Golden Girls, but what most people don’t know is that one of the actresses on the hit show was actually one of the first ever female marines. She served our country proudly, in addition to entertaining the masses.

Actress Bea Arthur starred on shows such as “Maude” and the “Golden Girls.” But, before she was a famous television star, she went by the name Bernice Frankel. She was originally from New York who had big dreams of showing her devotion to her country by serving in the military.

The Smoking Gun did some research into the backstory of the television icon. They uncovered documents which proved that Frankel served America in the United States Marine Corps for 30 straight months as a member of the Women’s Reserve. Frankel served, for the most part, as a truck driver and a typist. She had even been reprimanded for contracting a venereal disease. Despite her issues, she was extremely dedicated in her position and loved every minute of serving America.

The documents that were uncovered by The Smoking Gun indicated that Frankel petitioned the Marine Corps to let her in and she was required to go through multiple rounds of interviews before they would even entertain the idea of her joining.

One of the interviews conducted resulted in the interviewer stating that Frankel’s personality was “argumentative” and “over-agressive.” These traits would follow her into her acting career and make her famous for her character of Dorothy on “The Golden Girls.”

She was interviewed in 2009, prior to her death, and she denied serving in the Marine Corps. It was reported that she had said “oh, no” when asked about it. We will never know why she denied her service to our great nation, but the records don’t lie, and this beloved actress indeed spent 30 months of her life serving our country.