KARMA: Weinstein Gets Taste of His Own Medicine After Being Spotted [VIDEO]

Ever since Harvey Weinstein’s world started collapsing around him, the disgraced media mogul and accused rapist has been hiding out in the desert environs of Scottsdale, Arizona.

However, in spite of disguises, an entourage and various other forms of subterfuge, the shlubby degenerate still hasn’t been able to avoid negative attention.

And attention is definitely what he got this Tuesday, along with a couple of good slaps to the face.

According to the New York Post, Weinstein was attacked by a drunken diner inside a restaurant in Scottsdale after he refused a picture.

“Reports initially said that a fellow diner at Elements restaurant in Scottsdale, Ariz., attempted to ‘punch’ Weinstein and that neither of the blows landed,” the Post reported.

“But video subsequently posted by TMZ shows that the irate customer gave a disheveled-looking Weinstein two quick back-handed slaps to the cheek. While the slight slaps seem to stagger the disgraced mogul, his reps tell us that Weinstein ‘is still OK and in good spirits’ and that no police report was filed.”

The fight, such as it was, was broken up by a man identified as Weinstein’s “sober coach.” Those familiar with the Weinstein saga will recall that he attended sex rehab for a week in the Arizona desert, after which he was miraculously pronounced cured.

After a media outcry, Weinstein decided to stay in Arizona for further sex rehab. So now he apparently trots around town with a sober coach to ensure he doesn’t get intoxicated on trying to rape women. (Allegedly, cough cough.)

Speaking of sober coach, it appears that the individual who slapped Weinstein could probably use it a bit more than he could. The full video is here (it contains a goodly amount of profanity; viewer discretion is advised) and it shows a man who clearly ought to have known when to say when.

According to reports, the slapper had originally approached Weinstein’s table for a photo. After Weinstein demurred, the man returned to confront the disgraced mogul, this time with his friend filming him.

“Don’t do that, man, don’t do that,” the mogul can be heard saying.

While Weinstein’s people said that he had only been “patty-caked” by the slapper and violence is a thug’s game, there is a certain fitting irony to what happened.

Weinstein spent the entirety of his wretched, sordid career in the celluloid game viewing carnal knowledge of every female in his path as the justifiable spoils of the profession. When said women refused, if the allegations are to be believed, he forced himself upon them without their consent.

It may be a minor turnabout, but Weinstein felt what happens when people think they’re entitled to consent and get violent when denied. Weinstein may not have felt the terror that the women he purportedly importuned felt. However, a small taste of his own medicine is still a bit of justice that was denied to his alleged victims.

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