Just In: 1 of Biggest NFL Ticket Sellers Just Made A Huge Announcement

The NFL is in for a rude awakening following the dawn of mass anthem protests by players and staff members. It seems that the organization hasn’t taken into account a very important detail about NFL fans. The majority of NFL fans will not simply overlook the complete lack of respect for our flag and our country to simply get their football fix. With ratings plummeting and ticket sales dwindling, it is clear that the NFL will ultimately be the ones suffering because of their decision to protest the National Anthem.

The Remington Research Group recently conducted a poll, and the results were shocking. A recent “deal” by StubHub showed some interesting findings. This poll will serve to be very important through the NFL anthem protests.

The Democrats continue to argue that President Donald Trump has a biased opinion when it comes to free speech, but in reality you wouldn’t be paid to protest at your place of work, so why would these football players be paid to protest at theirs? Free speech applies to all, but when you’re on the clock, you shut your mouth and do your job. The poll conducted by the Remington Research Group showed results that will shock NFL players. 64 percent of those polled share the belief that NFL players should, without a doubt, stand for the National Anthem and show some respect.

In a separate question asked to those being polled, 64 percent also supported President Trump’s statements about his position on NFL players kneeling during the anthem. The Guardian reported that Democrats argued that Trump’s excessive use of profanity was unnecessary, however, those polled didn’t mind. 

That’s not even all of the findings from the polls. Out of the people surveyed, 51 percent actually stated that they were not watching the amount of football this year that they did last year. Out of that 51 percent, 69 percent are purposely watching less football due to the actions of the NFL players using the field to force their political opinions.

As you can see, the majority of Americans are sick and tired of NFL players using the field as a platform to spew their political views.

As for the “deal” I mentioned earlier, StubHub, the popular ticket site, began advertising on September 28th, a sale on NFL tickets for up to 10% off until midnight on September 29th… that must tell you something about how NFL ticket sales are doing.

The StubHub ad also offers NBA and NHL ticket deals. However, the point of the matter is simple. The Gateway Pundit pointed out that if the NFL were an as highly supported organization as they used to be, they wouldn’t be putting out sales on their tickets. There wouldn’t be a need for discounts if people were purchasing tickets.

The Washington Examiner also reported recently that NFL ticket sales on the popular ticket website, TickPick, are down by a jaw dropping 17.9 percent from last week to now. At this time last year, ticket sales were only down 10 percent between the same two weeks. The numbers prove a lot more than words, so let’s just let the numbers do the talking.

The NFL will have no choice but to stop with the ridiculous and disrespectful anthem protests if they want to keep the money coming in. It’s really very simple. When you’re playing football in America, you honor America. What these players do off the field is their own business, but when fans are paying to watch football, they had better deliver or there won’t be any fans.