James Woods Just Tweeted the Last Thing the NFL Wants to Hear

While NFL players continue on in their ridiculous anthem protests, Americans begin their boycott of NFL football all together. One celebrity has come forward to explain exactly what the problem is with the NFL these days, and he wasn’t shy about it.

Actor James Woods announced on Monday that he was completely against the anthem kneeling NFL protesters. He wasn’t afraid to tell these multimillionaire athletes just why they were so wrong for protesting the National Anthem. He explained that while they do have free speech, so do the millions of Americans who are sick and tired of the disrespect towards our country and our Armed Forces.

He went on to say, “We can accept it or boycott it. Everybody has a choice.”

Woods couldn’t have been more right in his tweet. The Left are trying to make a pretty shaky argument about free speech. They continue to pretend that conservatives want to force NFL players to stand for the National Anthem, but in reality no conservatives are claiming that those who protest the anthem should be arrested or that they are even violating the law. Conservatives are simply stating that any player that disrespects the flag and our country should not be playing. It’s baffling that the NFL players who choose to protest seem to overlook just how much this great nation gave them. If they weren’t in America they wouldn’t be making millions of dollars playing football, that’s for sure.

All Americans are saying to these ungrateful NFL players is that while they can choose to sit out during the anthem, we can choose to boycott the NFL. That’s the beauty of free speech, it works both ways. And, we certainly are making a difference with our boycotting. The NFL stands to lose billions this season due to their anthem protests. Fans have stopped buying tickets, turned off their TVs, and even returned subscriptions to NFL packages through DirecTV.

Just because you have the right to go into work and tell your boss you’re not going to follow the rules, doesn’t mean it’s right, and you run the risk of losing your job at this point. Why don’t NFL players understand that? All actions have consequences, and free speech isn’t just a blanket that keeps you protected. You need to use your right to free speech wisely and honor it.

It’s great to see an actor like James Woods standing up for the values of America. The National Anthem represents the liberty and justice that this country stands for, and for these NFL players to twist it and turn it (along with the American flag) into a symbol of oppression and inequality is simply wrong. The NFL will need to take a serious hit to the wallet to understand that they cannot simply disrespect our country the way they have been.