Air Force General Reveals How Long it Would Take to Knock North Korea Off the Map

It seems like North Korea doesn’t fully understand how stupid they would be to mess with the United States. To launch an attack on America would be a death wish. There are so many decisions that come into place. President Trump has made it clear over and over again that he isn’t scared to take any action that is needed in order to protect our great nation and the people that live here.

Someone besides President Trump has found his way into this matter, and he has something big to say. United States Air Force Lieutenant General Tom McInerney explained to Fox News that “if the North Korean regime decided to launch a nuclear attack on the US or South Korea, the despotic regime would only have about 15 minutes to enjoy it because then the country would no longer exist.”

It’s as simple as that. North Korea would be wiped off the map in an instant if they were to follow through on their threats to launch a missile at the United States of America. We are all ready for it at this point and would not be caught off guard if it were to happen. And I can guarantee you we would act fast.

Tom McIerney knows what he’s talking about when it comes to these kinds of things. This man has been right in the middle of battles during his lifetime and has obtained tons of military knowledge. McInerney was prompted to make the announcement regarding North Korea upon news of the North Korean regime announced that they had nuclear capable missiles ready to be fired… and they were willing.

World Politicus wrote:

Kim Jong Un is currently testing the administration and their readiness to defend themselves. He knows that an attack would be silly. That is why he is trying to get President Trump to throw the first punch. That would cause even bigger problems.

But that is not going to happen. Trump knows better than to cause an uproar like this. He has enough problems as it is. McInerney was trying to send out a threat when he said this. That is exactly what is going on here. If the North Koreans want to play the threat game, then the United States can to. Only we can back them up with power.

There is a war looming on the horizon and people are getting ready. The Obama administration failed to do anything about the North Koreans and we are seeing the consequences. They now feel completely invincible.

President Trump will do anything and everything he has to do in order to protect the United States and its citizens. If need be, North Korea will be taken care of, but only if Kim Jong Un decides to fire the first shot. We are armed and ready, and North Korea should know that by now. If they didn’t before, they do now.