Aaron Rodgers Demanded Fans To Join Protest During National Anthem … You’ll Love What They Did Instead

The Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears were getting ready to play their 195th game against one another, and NFL fans were waiting to see if the teams would continue on with their National Anthem protests from Week 3. This Thursday Night Football game was a bit different. Fans were looking at one another as well. After pretty boy quarterback for the Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers made a request that fans and players link arms during the National Anthem, we were stuck waiting to see how the entire stadium would react. Their response was not sugar coated.

The fans spoke through action, and their answer to Rodgers’ request was an absolute “no.” Americans didn’t want to take part in the NFL anthem protests.

From every account, it appears that just one single row of fans in the entire stadium decided to succumb to Rodgers’ wishes and linked arms during the anthem. The television broadcast of the game showed around four people following Rodgers’ orders. Every on-site report backs up the television broadcast.

Every single player on the field decided to link their arms during the anthem to “show unity.” None of them took a knee or sat during the National Anthem. Martellus Bennett, known social activist for the black community and brother of Michael Bennett, linked arms with his teammates standing during the anthem.

This past Sunday, three important players on the Packers sat out during the National Anthem. Those players were Bennett, another tight end named Lance Kendricks, and their rookie defensive back Kevin King. The three didn’t so much as look at the American flag. 

So, even after Rodgers’ attempt to “unify” everyone, the fans didn’t like his idea of standing with linked arms. They decided to demonstrate in their own way, and to honor the American flag and everything that it stands for.

The Wild Card reported:

If anything, it seemed to have the fans in a particularly patriotic mood. You could see and hear fans chanting “U.S.A.!” prior to the playing of the national anthem.

President Donald Trump has previously said that while he believes it’s disrespectful for players to kneel during the anthem, he has no problem with players linking arms during the national anthem.

So, while there are less players kneeling, sitting, or hiding in their locker rooms like cowards this week, we know the real war isn’t over yet. The Denver Broncos have already released a statement explaining that they all of their players will be standing for the anthem at their team’s home game against Oakland.

It’s time for this nonsense to end.