9/11 First Responder Comes Forward to Reveal What Donald Trump Did For Him

One man who helped respond to the September 11th attacks back in 2001 came forward to tell America the truth. Philip Kirschner was interviewed by Breitbart sixteen years after the horrific terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center buildings, and he explained just how much President Donald Trump helped him during a time of great need. In present day, Kirschner has many health issues, which include heart issues and kidney cancer. He says that despite the grim outcome for him, he would have done it all again in an instant. His efforts after the day that will forever be remembered as one of the worst terrorist attacks America has ever seen did not go unnoticed.

Back in 2011, Kirschner was in the hospital and desperately needed to get to the Cleveland Clinic. He recalled during his interview details of that day. He stated “I was given a dual channel AICD, which has been deployed several times and has saved my life.” He credits Donald Trump as the reason he was able to be transported from Florida all the way to Cleveland.

Later in the interview Kirschner explained, “he did a couple, quite a number, of Angel Flights with groups. I want people to learn that he’s a humanitarian, that he reaches out, he donates.”

With all of the hate from the Left, it’s hard for those who are uneducated on all of the good that Donald Trump has done over the years to believe it. He truly is a man who cares about others. He has worked so hard to get where he is, but doesn’t have a problem using his money to help others.

Kirschner also spoke of Trump’s donations, saying “he gives to medical charities. He gives to a lot of huge causes.”

Even though the mainstream media loves to put Trump down constantly, he actually cares a lot more about those in need than Leftists claim to. This is part of the reason so many Americans support him. He gives to those in need without expecting anything in return. Isn’t that what a good leader should do?

He has been trying to get help from lawmakers, but unfortunately it hasn’t turned out in his favor.

Kirschner explained, “I met with Ted Cruz at the Iowa Growth and Opportunity and Party. Can you come on board and support the James Zadroga Reauthorization Act?”

He explained that Cruz’s answer was negative and caught him totally off guard. “He said to me that I’m not sure I can sign on to it, but what I will tell you is this, for your own sake, you should go to Israel, since you’re Jewish. They have national healthcare there. I was taken back by that.”

If deadbeats who leech off the government deserve healthcare, doesn’t this man? He was part of the reason our nation was able to bounce back after such a horrible tragedy. Our first responders deserve to be treated better than those who don’t do productive in our society. It’s great that people like Kirschner are coming forward to show the Left just how giving President Trump really is.